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Smarty Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _compile_resource ($resource_name, $compile_path)
 _compile_source ($resource_name, &$source_content, &$compiled_content, $cache_include_path=null)
 _dequote ($string)
 _eval ($code, $params=null)
 _fetch_resource_info (&$params)
 _get_auto_filename ($auto_base, $auto_source=null, $auto_id=null)
 _get_auto_id ($cache_id=null, $compile_id=null)
 _get_compile_path ($resource_name)
 _get_plugin_filepath ($type, $name)
 _include ($filename, $once=false, $params=null)
 _is_compiled ($resource_name, $compile_path)
 _parse_resource_name (&$params)
 _process_compiled_include_callback ($match)
 _read_file ($filename)
 _run_mod_handler ()
_smarty_cache_attrs ($cache_serial, $count)
 _smarty_include ($params)
 _trigger_fatal_error ($error_msg, $tpl_file=null, $tpl_line=null, $file=null, $line=null, $error_type=E_USER_ERROR)
 _unlink ($resource, $exp_time=null)
 append ($tpl_var, $value=null, $merge=false)
 append_by_ref ($tpl_var, &$value, $merge=false)
 assign ($tpl_var, $value=null)
 assign_by_ref ($tpl_var, &$value)
 clear_all_assign ()
 clear_all_cache ($exp_time=null)
 clear_assign ($tpl_var)
 clear_cache ($tpl_file=null, $cache_id=null, $compile_id=null, $exp_time=null)
 clear_compiled_tpl ($tpl_file=null, $compile_id=null, $exp_time=null)
 clear_config ($var=null)
 config_load ($file, $section=null, $scope= 'global')
 display ($resource_name, $cache_id=null, $compile_id=null)
 fetch ($resource_name, $cache_id=null, $compile_id=null, $display=false)
get_config_vars ($name=null)
get_registered_object ($name)
get_template_vars ($name=null)
 is_cached ($tpl_file, $cache_id=null, $compile_id=null)
 load_filter ($type, $name)
 register_block ($block, $block_impl, $cacheable=true, $cache_attrs=null)
 register_compiler_function ($function, $function_impl, $cacheable=true)
 register_function ($function, $function_impl, $cacheable=true, $cache_attrs=null)
 register_modifier ($modifier, $modifier_impl)
 register_object ($object, &$object_impl, $allowed=array(), $smarty_args=true, $block_methods=array())
 register_outputfilter ($function)
 register_postfilter ($function)
 register_prefilter ($function)
 register_resource ($type, $functions)
 Smarty ()
 template_exists ($tpl_file)
 trigger_error ($error_msg, $error_type=E_USER_WARNING)
 unregister_block ($block)
 unregister_compiler_function ($function)
 unregister_function ($function)
 unregister_modifier ($modifier)
 unregister_object ($object)
 unregister_outputfilter ($function)
 unregister_postfilter ($function)
 unregister_prefilter ($function)
 unregister_resource ($type)

Public Attributes

 $_cache_include = null
 $_cache_including = false
 $_cache_info = array()
 $_cache_serials = array()
 $_compile_id = null
 $_conf_obj = null
 $_config = array(array('vars' => array(), 'files' => array()))
 $_dir_perms = 0771
 $_file_perms = 0644
 $_foreach = array()
 $_inclusion_depth = 0
 $_reg_objects = array()
 $_sections = array()
 $_smarty_debug_id = 'SMARTY_DEBUG'
 $_smarty_debug_info = array()
 $_smarty_md5 = 'f8d698aea36fcbead2b9d5359ffca76f'
 $_smarty_vars = null
 $_tag_stack = array()
 $_tpl_vars = array()
 $_version = '2.6.10'
 $autoload_filters = array()
 $cache_dir = 'cache'
 $cache_handler_func = null
 $cache_lifetime = 3600
 $cache_modified_check = false
 $caching = 0
 $compile_check = true
 $compile_dir = 'templates_c'
 $compile_id = null
 $compiler_class = 'Smarty_Compiler'
 $compiler_file = 'Smarty_Compiler.class.php'
 $config_booleanize = true
 $config_class = 'Config_File'
 $config_dir = 'configs'
 $config_fix_newlines = true
 $config_overwrite = true
 $config_read_hidden = false
 $debug_tpl = ''
 $debugging = false
 $debugging_ctrl = 'NONE'
 $default_modifiers = array()
 $default_resource_type = 'file'
 $default_template_handler_func = ''
 $error_reporting = null
 $force_compile = false
 $left_delimiter = '{'
 $php_handling = SMARTY_PHP_PASSTHRU
 $plugins_dir = array('plugins')
 $request_use_auto_globals = true
 $request_vars_order = 'EGPCS'
 $right_delimiter = '}'
 $secure_dir = array()
 $security = false
 $template_dir = 'templates'
 $trusted_dir = array()
 $use_sub_dirs = false

Detailed Description

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